Need To Know: Hidden Tricks Inside Of Google My Maps App On iOS And Android Phones That Nobody Knows | Unlock It.

Like Waze, the amount of data used by Google Maps depends on the factors listed above. If you’re on a strict data plan, you’re already sucking down massive amounts of data from using Uber and Lyft. If you don’t watch out for the data usage, you’ll start to pick up unwanted overages and extra charges. User interface and features are great, but what about data usage? This factor plays a large role in determining the winner of the Waze vs Google Maps saga.

And remember, if you’re using a navigation app abroad and it’s using your phone’s data connection, you could be running up a truly terrifying phone bill. We use navigation apps abroad but we make sure we either buy a data bundle in advance or just keep the phone’s cellular modem switched off. There are stacks of good GPS apps for Android.

Iphone Maps Voice Not Working

iOS 10 and later enable us to remove some built-in apps, including Apple Maps, Books, Calculator, FaceTime, Stocks, and others you less commonly used or you just don’t like. Therefore, you can delete Apple Maps, and apply Google Maps as a default map on your iPhone. Mapsopener allows you to use Google Maps for all map links. It defaults to open up Google Maps when clicking any address links, including those that directly link to the Apple Maps and Safari.

If you want to set a default app, turn this option off and select your preferred app. Enter an address or landmark, then tap it in the search results. You can also select a suggested location or tap Choose on map to select a map point.

Using Google Maps Website To Track Your Run (pc)

However, Apple does everything in its power to protect its proprietary software and most of these tricks no longer work. But there’s no reason to worry because it’s pretty easy to select Google Maps from the Alexa app. Changing the default navigation on an iPhone is tricky, to say the least, unless you jailbreak your smartphone.

  • Well, there are a lot of things which you can play around such as accessing the GPS coordinate from GPS card or any other GPS device and show it on the Google map.
  • Some of the Go apps are Google Go, Gmail Go, YouTube Go, Files Go, Maps Go, and Assistant Go.
  • Download Google Maps from the App Store.Google Maps is also available from any web browser by going to, which isn’t an option with Apple Maps.
  • There are chances that the problem is arising due to non-working Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or cellular data.
  • Majority of iOS users just use what is already installed on their iPhone, and many install Google Maps out of habit or preference.
  • To track the location without any barrier of time, simply tap on Until you turn this off option.

Now that your map is downloaded, click here to learn how to prep Google Maps to work without wifi. Once downloaded, you can rename your offline area with the city name, and click ‘Save’. Click ‘Download.’ Your map will download in a few minutes as long as it remains connected to wi-fi.