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You can find the contact information for your region, by referring to this Apple Support document, Contact Apple for help with Apple ID account security. For detailed instructions, you can refer Apple see this article Support article, If you can‘t sign in with two-step verification using your Apple ID. I have not used my Apple ID in a while and would like to resume using it. The Apple ID in question is protected by two-step verification. Unfortunately I have lost access to the linked SIM card which was used to receive verification SMS. By signing up you are agreeing to receive emails according to our privacy policy. Select the country you reside in using the drop-down menu at the top and then enter your phone number in the space provided.

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You’ll then have to tackle the issue of who’s doing the monitoring. You’ll then want to use a strong passcode to prevent unauthorized access to your device.

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App trackers are like the cookies on websites that slow load times, waste battery life and cause creepy ads to follow you around the Internet. Except in apps, there’s little notice trackers are lurking and you can’t choose a different browser to block them. In a world of data brokers, Jackson is the data breaker.

They can turn up details like the owner’s name, their location, associated social media accounts, and email addresses. You need to pay for an in-depth background report. You can use Intelius to get information on any US-based numbers. Their reverse phone lookup searches are generally reliable. If you need information about the phone owner, you have to opt for an advanced background check report.

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You can follow these steps to turn on two-factor authentication on your device.Learn more about the availability of two-factor authentication. A verification code is different from thedevice passcodeyou enter to unlock your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.