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It turns out BES blocked me from leaving and I had to wait because of COVID to find out what was going on and by this time the new supplier were not taking new customers. This now leads me to end of decmber where I gave BES my meter readings and they are saying I owe them £۸۰۰٫

I took over a business in October, the business was previously in contract with BES and I was warned expressively by the owner to leave BES as soon as i could. When I spoke to the previous tenants they were taking BES to court. I expressed at every turn i was leaving BES and refused to take quotes off all the sales reps. I was billed each month with random amounts. I rang BES to ask for an invoice and failed to pass security questions as the email was one previously used by the last tenants. Yet they were Chromium for Windows 10 still sending me texts asking me to pay my bill. I finally got that sorted and I tried to leave BES with another supplier.

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Emails aren’t responded to, I’ve sent countless emails trying to reason with them and have had no response. Disgraceful that companies like this can take advantage of people. We appreciate all customer feedback relating to our services. All financial elements of a contract are explained to a customer prior to it going live and require your full agreement for us to proceed.

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If you an experience you’d like to share with one of the tune-up utilities we’ve reviewed or if you have one you like better than the ones we’ve reviewed here, let us know in the comments. And, thankfully, you won’t spend a small fortune to begin the PC clean up process. The subscription-based services can be had for roughly $20 to $50 per year. There are even a handful of free tune-up utilities that typically contain less features than their premium counterparts. A PC tune-up utility is an application that digs deep into your computer and fixes trouble areas.

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We have been constantly overcharged despite us supposedly having a smart meter AND giving meter readings. This during a pandemic when we’ve not even been in the premises as we have been forced to close. We also received a bill of £۲۱۲ one month when we were also closed due to covid pandemic. The customer service is awful, if you phone them they fob you off and try and pass you onto someone else.

  • Upon finding mails with the same sender, date and time stamp, and subject – they are judged as duplicate and can be either deleted or moved to a backup folder.
  • PST Synchronizer searches for all the Outlook folders that have duplicates.
  • This conversation continues to grow with every email sent or received in the conversation, making it possible for you to back track the conversation.

I managed to access my invoices finally and because my property has two meter readings it allowed me to only see one. Ive had to request both invoices which is now taking longer and they keep ringing me asking for me to pay. I am not disputing this electricty Ive used but i am disputing they have deliberately kept me out of contract rates because I have expressed to leave. I am now finally leaving but I have been told that I needed to give them 30 days notice to leave therefore delaying the process. They have been nothing but a hassle and causing me problems. Click the links below to read full reviews of these PC tune-up tools.