Hope you can easily stop over for the party that is“housewarming week

Hope you can easily stop over for the party that is“housewarming week

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A Guy’s Guide To Planning The Perfect Date” releases on Wednesday April 10, 2013 and you’ll get all the breaking news on this at our new website…AND we’re offering a FREE sneak peak at the book to all LifeBytes and Singles Warehouse friends and followers we’re very excited about this move…our first book “THE MAN PLAN. Please mind up to our post on Singles Warehouse to own a read, all we ask in exchange is just a little social love!

We’ll be continuing our web log from the new website, bringing you the very best in dating tales and advice. And undoubtedly, we are still developing our next great relationship book “LifeBytes™ Real Stories of on line Dating”.

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It’s Raining Men…. Hallelujah.

This week’s ear-worm is the fact that 80’s party anthem through the Weather Girls, “It’s Raining Men”. Why? Because it apparently IS raining men for me. I’ve unexpectedly and somewhat inexplicably become highly popular on Match. I’ve been favorited, winked at, Liked, and emailed by more guys in past times two months than have actually noticed me within the last few half a year.

Why, Men…Why?

If only I knew why i’ve such a unexpected appeal, I’d container it, offer it, or possibly just dab it behind my ears! I’m most certainly not whining. I recently can’t figure it away. We haven’t changed my picture or updated my profile within the month that is last. My membership is not planning to expire – because We have seen in the past that there’s an uptick in responses whenever I’m planning to be expected to pony-up my charge card info once more. (Clever Match, extremely clever)

Maybe it is simply when you look at the movie stars in my situation this month. Perhaps the planets have actually aligned to offer me personally a” that is“come-hither on line. ادامه مطلب …