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Each driver is packed with its own set of features that makes it great in its own way to choose the one that suits your needs the most and offers the highest performance to you as a golfer. If you are TaylorMade fan looking to invest one of the best drivers ever launched by the brand then you should pick one of the above drivers for your next coming game.

This places more impact load on the face, further increasing ball speeds. The SS20 essentially produces faster ball speeds over a larger area of the face. Callaway has iterated on the breakthrough AI design of the Epic Flash to develop the new Flash Face SS20. The new design is meant to produce faster ball speeds across the face, more consistency, and better feel than ever before.

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You will definitely find these drivers in the top lists of drivers no matter which feature you search for. The size of the clubhead also makes it a great investment as the large size promotes a larger sweet spot which will reduce the chances of having mishits. It also comes with a low and forward CG that reduces the spin at impact to deliver long-distance shots. Every feature of the Men’s R Driver is designed to enhance the golfers overall performance by Minecraft adding accuracy and consistency to their shots. The speed pocket increases the flex at impact and promotes a much large sweet spot to provide maximum forgiveness and reduce spin to the minimum level.

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Some of them are newly released while the rest have been in the market for years but still are capable enough to compete with the newest drivers released by the competitors. Over the years TaylorMade has developed a number of great drivers but the above-mentioned drivers are the best out of them all.

  • Call me old schooled, but I much prefer a pair of wired in-ears for everyday use to anything wireless, dongle and all.
  • It has a fairly shallow face, which makes it look surprisingly large for its weight.
  • Recently I dug out the 1More Triple-Driver in-ears from storage to give them the full review treatment and, spoiler alert, I still have no problem recommending these.
  • With phone manufacturer’s ditching the headphone jack, a pair of Bluetooth headphones is all but a necessity.
  • It comes with plenty of adjustability – adjustable hosel, two weight chips, and three spots for said chips.
  • The Mizuno JPX 900 comes as the improvement of the JPX 850, sporting a larger sweet spot and much more forgiveness on off-center hits, which should gladden most beginners and intermediate players.

Over the years, it has proven to be one of the top-notch drivers in the market. The TaylorMade M5 driver is definitely one of the ground-breaking, highly innovative and advanced drivers in the market. Even according to Taylor Woods, the driver is like the straightest and the fastest driver in the whole wide world.

TaylorMade launched the Original One Mini Driver in the celebration of its 40th anniversary. Over the years TM has developed a number of great drivers but this one stands out from the rest as it is a complete blend of the historic TaylorMade performance and the new advanced technologies. The overall white design that is integrated on the clubhead and the crown makes the driver extra appealing which is a feature definitely enjoyed by many. Although it was released almost five years ago still manages to compete with the other drivers in the market.