AVP, Loan Management and Money Management. Business Introduction

AVP, Loan Management and Money Management. Business Introduction

Job Posting for AVP, Loan management and Cash Management at Rushmore Loan Management solutions

Business Introduction

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The AVP of money Management accounts for the day-to-day operations of re re payment processing, reconciliation and disbursement devices in the money administration division. This position interacts day-to-day with numerous departments in the company including Collections, Loss Mitigation, and Default administration, along with accounting and merchant representatives.



Maintains and deliver a higher degree of efficiency, effectiveness and precision. Keeps division policies and procedures (P&P) for cash functions. Works together division supervisors and workers payday loans ME to ensure all functions when you look at the money administration department are finished in a manner that is timely in accordance with policies and procedures. Manages and directs cashiering staff and operations. Procedures home mortgage re re payments prior to relevant Agency tips and interior procedures. Procedures borrowers’ month-to-month mortgage payments, payoffs, and all sorts of returned products. Manages lockbox vendor to obtain optimal efficiency and control. Oversees reconciliation that is daily settings over Payment Clearing Account, publishing batches, and MSP System Balancing

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